front-mount hypro disc
A Front Hitch Disc
for Drainage

Front Hitch Disc
Hypro RT2410

Our front-mount HyPro Disc is one tough disc, specifically designed and optimized for drainage use. It breaks up the soil, hammers broken clumps, and discs dirt toward the center of the tile ditch, providing extra soil to allow for settling, Dual-taper roller bearings can withstand years of front-end abuse, reducing down-time and constant repairs.

This disc took shape through years of drainage experience, in-field research and development.

Features & Specs   
Hypro has worked hard to design a disc that is built to last but not over heavy, and to do the job well. They have succeeded! These discs handle many different soil conditions, and leave behind a well-finished field that is ready to be worked. These implements help us provide the quality service our customers expect. Does the price look intimidating? Remember, You're looking at a superior product that is unmatched in the industry!

Hypro Disc Features

front hitch disc

Dual-Taper Roller Bearings

Dual-taper roller bearings are designed for both vertical and horizontal loads, and better withstand abuse and wear. This greatly reduces bearing replacement rates.

3-point hitch tile stringer

Disc Scrapers

Heavy-duty disc scrapers keeps plates clean of mud and debris.

onboard tile stringer

Cylinder Disc Tilt

Cylinder Disc Tilt allows you to tip the disc to accommodate different soil conditions, or adjust the pitch of gangs for a better finish.


Hypro RT2410

Disc Width: 10'6" Wide
Bearings: Dual-taper Roller
Disc Gangs: 2 Front, 2 Back
Disc Per Gangs: 6
Disc Diameter: 22"
Hitch: Front 3-Point Hitch
Frame: Heavy-Duty